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Those familiar with the more edgy side of Amsterdam nightlife might have grew quite custom with the name DJ+. With an extraordinary sense for receiving new frequencies and a taste for experiment, he fought his way over the years into the Dutch nightlife. A sonic marksman with a history in gigs that is as wide as his musical taste.


It doesn’t matter if it were the infamous Lockdown parties, or national acclaimed parties like Lowlands, Pitch, Trouw or STRP Festivals, or crossing border at Outlook Festival and Sziget, everybody with an appetite for cutting edge electronica should know his name.

And those performances are hard to capture in one word, so just name a few: uplifting, experimental, grimy, bass driven, extraordinary, well timed and last but foremost not least; hard-hitting.

Starting out with IDM and other experimental electronic music over a decade ago, DJ+ is picking up genres with only one intention: to break & crack them, to split them in half and design them into something new, something suitable for his taste. And luckily for us DJ+ is a person that likes to share, teach and distribute his explorations. The results of his research and blends can be heard in not one, not two but three totally different radio shows, aired by the well established broadcasters of Red Light Radio, Studio 80 Radio and Sub.Fm.