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Endlec is from Greece, born and lived from his early years in a city called Thessaloniki.

Already been releasing his music since 2014 at labels such as Authentic Pew from Germany and hungarian Panel Trax records, it was with his first ever vinyl release from Rotterdam based Mord Records that got the attention of the international techno scene. With influences from the ‘90s european techno, the sound of the Detroit’s pioneers such as Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and with a significant dose from the modern electronic music scene, Endlec delivered a record that didn’t hold anything back, characterised by a sound that was raw, furious, full of unceasing energy and with no compromise at all. That’s the elements that defines his style, from the productions to his dj sets and for the man himself is what defines techno music. The genre that he choose to serve faithfully when, in his very young days, heard for the first time the futuristic, musical manifestos that Underground Resistance were transmitting from inside the heart of Detroit and deeply inspired by that, he started listening, collecting and mixing records. Since then techno is his master, his is nothing but a servant, a man devoted to the rhythm.

Nowadays he is in a constant search of his true inner voice, either that comes from making music, listening and playing something that inspires him or by being occupied with his love of images through photography and cinema. He has chosen a path towards perfection of his craft no matter what he faces. What constantly motivates him is his respect for the music independently from genres, something that got to him thanks to his father, the experience of music listening and the desire to understand the fundamentals.
Finding himself constantly experimenting with analogue sequencers, synthesisers and sound design, his purpose is to pass his love for the music to other people and most certainly, he will do it without any compromises.