Laura Jade


“I am fascinated by the increasing amount of new bio-technologies that enable new ways of knowing ourselves, bodies and minds- we really have an unprecedented freedom in exploring the junction between biology and technology. I’m deeply attracted to the infinite complexity of our brains. Most of us live with very little understanding of the underlying processes within our own enigmatic minds.”

LAURA JADE The catalyst for this research project was a desire to harness Laura’s own brain as the creator of an interactive art experience where no physical touch was required, except the power of her own thoughts. The aim of Brainlight is to provide a sense of awe that comes from battling the seemingly inexplicable gap between the physical brain and ethereal consciousness. The installation is controlled with a wireless BCI (Brain Controlled Interface) Electroencephalography (EEG- is the process of recording the electrical activity of the brain) headset which is sensitive enough to detect and output real-time neural activity. It visualises the brain frequency areas of: Meditation (Alpha), focus and flow (Theta), excitement/agitation (Beta) which are translated into a live visual light display within the brain sculpture. By “playing” with the artwork you can begin to experience a level of conscious mind-control over our brain’s bustling electrical activity.