michel suk


Step into the light

The installation ‘Step into the light’ invites the visitor to do exactly what the title suggests. Go ahead, do not hesitate and step underneath the 4 meter high, circular construction of lights. In fact, it is this so-called ‘sweetspot’ which gives the strongest and most impressive experience. When you find yourself underneath the circle you will get a new optic experience. The light sources seem to indefinitely continue towards the sky. It’s almost as if you are in the eye of a hurricane. In resting position, the light beams appear as if they join towards one central point. Or is this just an optical illusion?

Due to the individually controlled lights, a variety of light patterns is created which produces a spectacular interplay of light. The need to connect rhythm and speed to the movement of the light is caused by the supplementary of sound.


Oude Markt until sept 24 in collaboration with Concordia | Film Theater Beeldende Kunst