Music & Live Acts

Born in Florence, Italy, Monom3 is producer of eclectic electronic music, poet and songwriter. Spacing from trip-hop to pure experimental electronic he worked on various projects trough the years. He is co-founder of the DISCO MAF dance night @ Cafe’ Het Bolwerk in Enschede where as a DJ he plays many genres and styles of music. Released Under Nomad Records the album Ka-Tet and was elected last year for the N.E.W. 10 compilation (Nieuwe Electronische Waar). Never conforming to the main stream dance scene he always tries to push the boundaries of what is danceable. As a DJ he touches many angles of breakbeat, Big Beat, Electro, Funk, Dub and experimental idm. At the same time he continues to release digitally and independentlyhis own music. He is also behind the Monosocia project.