Music & Live Acts

Beorn “Newk” Lebenstedt
computer/electronic composer / dj

Since a kid inspired by divergent (electronic) styles of music. Started composing music in 1994 on his Amiga 16bit home computer and while trying to squeeze the most out of it’s limits, has continued the same approach on todays low-cost computers. Feels a need to create his own world of sounds and to fuse and mutate styles of music. What fascinates him most is the endless diversity of sounds and rhythms that can be woven into a composition, without holding on to a single style, theme, rhythm or emotion. Conveying a story that moves the listener, on the physical and mental. Thus has a strong love for changing (synthetic) sounds and cut up syncopated beats (break-beats, funky drum-patterns).
This reflects in the choice of records when dj-ing too: electronic music in the broadest sense of the word.