Pandelis Diamantides


“In Girum” Generative A/V Installation

Pandelis Diamantides: A/V Composition, Generative Software
Machteld Jacques: Production, Coordination


Video: “In Girum” at SXSW 2017 as part of “POV” A/V installation with Nikki Hock, Hidde De Jong and Nick

*In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (we go into the circle during the night consumed by fire) is a riddle in
the form of a palindrome.


“In Girum” is the first of a series of generative audiovisual installations by
Pandelis Diamantides that reflects on our currently overstimulated environment
by illustrating how technology is able to mediate our perception.

By creating a completely dark environment, the installation allows the audience
to recapture their sensory self by placing them in an initial state of sensory
deprivation. The deliberate perceptual isolation allows subjective perception to
be reset and is subsequently altered by the use of light and sound. The visual
system is deprived essential information necessary to interpret the dynamics of
the space and turn it into its mental representation.

After the subject’s sensory palate has been cleansed, minuscule pulses of light
and sound encapsulating the audience are able to manipulate their sensory
experience. “In Girum” influences the audience’s perception of the size, direction
and their position in relation to the continuously changing dynamics of the
space. The spatial audiovisual composition heightens and challenges the
senses, so the audience tangibly experiences the flexibility of their own

Perception itself acts as the artistic medium, becoming an integral part of the
piece. Through its immersive experiential process, the installation reveals that
what is seen depends on our subjective perception and temporal perspective of
the experiencing subject.

“In Girum” was part of “POV” audiovisual installation presented at South by
Southwest Festival 2017 (Austin, Texas, US) and Athens Digital Arts Festival
2017 (Athens, GR)


Pandelis Diamantides:

”I design abstract objects and the way they evolve and interact over time”
Pandelis Diamantides |1978| is a sound and visual artist based in Amsterdam.
In his music productions and audiovisual performances, he uses custom digital
technology to create complex binary landscapes, where detailed sound
compositions and electronic rhythms are enhanced by multifaceted visuals
providing a true immersive experience. He performs solo under the pseudonym