SPACEBAR is a ‘Gesammtkunstwerk’ as a mobile platform with interactive art, robotics, design, webart, gaming, performance art and live music.
A selection of leading artists, designers, DJs and Vjs from Overijssel, together develop a mobile installation with audiovisual performances for festivals and events. Visitors can experience how art from the future can be polite now, and how enterprising artists contribute to entertainment and the creative industry.


At the invitation of GOGBOT festival, themed INTERGALACTIC 2017, a monumental production will be developed in the summer of 2017. The premiere will take place from september 7-10 at the Oude Markt in Enschede.


Jelle de Graaf

Freerk Wieringa

ViaOral art collective

Julian en Edwin van Aalderen


Creative director:
Kees de Groot