Valery Vermeulen

Music & Live Acts


Mikromedas is a data-driven musical project by Belgian electronic musician and mathematician dr. Valery Vermeulen. In the project compositions are elaborated using data coming from space, deep space or numerical simulation models related to various astrophysical phenonoma. The project is presented under various thematic performance series.
For GOGBOT 2017 Mikromedas will be presented in the OGLE2005BLG390Lb performance series. Central theme of this series is the elaboration of a sonic representation of a voyage from earth to the exoplanet OGLE2005BLG390Lb situated near Sigattarius A*, a super massive black hole (mass of more that 4 million times mass of sun) that lies in the center of our Milky Way. Compositions are hereby produced using sampled radio astronomical data coming from various sources e.g. data stemming from several spacecrafts such as Voyager1 and Voyager2 or data originating from various astrophysical objects. Other sources that are used in the composition process include synthesized sounds as well as live data feeds from various satellites.
For the Mikromedas performance at GOGBOT 2017 special focus will be put on the use of data originating from various moons in our solar system.


Dr. Valery Vermeulen is an electronic musician, mathematician, new media artist, author and visiting professor at the Art & Technology department at Erasmus University College in Brussels (BE). He holds a Phd in pure mathematics from Ghent University (BE) as well as a masters degree in Music Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (BE). Since 2003 Vermeulen has been working on various multimedia projects where the interaction between man, machine and mathematics plays a central role. His work covers a broad range of disciplines including algorithmic music composition, (generative) sound synthesis, creative evolutionary systems design, affective computing, artificial intelligence, astrophysicsand data sonification.