Martijn Verhallen


Workshops by Martijn Verhallen.


Workshop info:

The workshops are beginner friendly and take place every day during the festival.
There are 2 available kits: the Creep Cluster and the Noise!
You can subscribe at: — or come by during the festival.
The workshop costs are 30,- euro .
It takes about 2 – 4 hour to build the synthesizer, depending on your experience level.
After the synths are finished, we will do a short rehearsal and give a performance on stage.


Creep Cluster


This is a drone synthesizer.
Dual triangle oscillators are hard-switched by a fast squarewave.
Then the signal goes into a lowpass filter.
Sounds vary from deep rumbling drones to phasing screaming lead sounds.








This noisesynth has 4 squarewave oscillators that modulate each other,
go through a clock divider and a pseudo ringmodulator and are mixed together to create harsh noise and random control voltage.
There are extensive patchbays and cool modding functions that expand the soundrange!




Martijn Verhallen

Martijn Verhallen makes sound and video machines, organises festivals and gives workshops in the field of sound, games and interaction.
He likes to bring people together to be creative and learn from each other.
Performance names:
Audio: FetidEye / Reverselandfill / Vogel en Stofzuiger / Mortalian / Psycholab
Video: RGB Fraktion / De Oplichters