Property is a young upcoming techno DJ and producer from Hengelo, the Netherlands. Last year he won the local Basic Grooves DJ contest and since then, things went upwards. Inspired by a wide variety of electronic music genres, you can expect tough, pounding techno sets with a touch of trance and IDM.”


VJ Gilian Willemsen

Hi! My name is Gilian Willemsen. 22 years old and student at AKI Art Academy. My goal is to discover, understand and move my own boundaries to visualize 3D images. I have been working for this purpose for several years, but since I discovered the VJ scene, the urge for more knowledge has grown exponentially. I would like to share this journey with you with this VJ-act.

Follow my journey:




My name is Majoo Yousef (ODIN) from Syria and I live in the Netherlands for 2 years. I started practice as a DJ one year ago and my plan was, when I had the first party for my self, to be with Jay Minmal. And that dream came true. I like to play dark techno en hard techno bbm 130 techno, its energy for me!




Expect energetic vinyl action, from housey vibes to dark techno.


Born in Florence, Italy, Monom3 is producer of eclectic electronic music, poet and songwriter. Spacing from trip-hop to pure experimental electronic he worked on various projects trough the years. He is co-founder of the DISCO MAF dance night @ Cafe’ Het Bolwerk in Enschede where as a DJ he plays many genres and styles of music. Released Under Nomad Records the album Ka-Tet and was elected last year for the N.E.W. 10 compilation (Nieuwe Electronische Waar). Never conforming to the main stream dance scene he always tries to push the boundaries of what is danceable. As a DJ he touches many angles of breakbeat, Big Beat, Electro, Funk, Dub and experimental idm. At the same time he continues to release digitally and independentlyhis own music. He is also behind the Monosocia project.




If you love acid, then do not miss this one. Merijn’s DJ-ing goes back over 25 years, so expect a dangerous cocktail of old and new acid (and techno) tracks.



Beorn “Newk” Lebenstedt
computer/electronic composer / dj

Since a kid inspired by divergent (electronic) styles of music. Started composing music in 1994 on his Amiga 16bit home computer and while trying to squeeze the most out of it’s limits, has continued the same approach on todays low-cost computers. Feels a need to create his own world of sounds and to fuse and mutate styles of music. What fascinates him most is the endless diversity of sounds and rhythms that can be woven into a composition, without holding on to a single style, theme, rhythm or emotion. Conveying a story that moves the listener, on the physical and mental. Thus has a strong love for changing (synthetic) sounds and cut up syncopated beats (break-beats, funky drum-patterns).
This reflects in the choice of records when dj-ing too: electronic music in the broadest sense of the word. 


Jay Minimal + Friends

Jay Minimal is a dj/producer and party addict.

Got infected with the techno virus at the age 15 in 2003, and still infected.

Now he’s mostly active in the underground scene of Enschede and surroundings
he has his own little concept called Ohne Ende, because the party should never end..




Julien Hristo Herbulot & Damian Db Ertelink found each other through the passion they share, Techno.

Together they called Fließend (fluent), this is where they go, one flowing line of funky Hypno Techno. A couple that truly understands the cooperation between each other, like brothers they show the connection for Techno perfection.

db & Hristof have started together with an event called Overlast Events that brings brutal hard Techno to the crowd!

Ever since they never left each other’s sight. Even when Hristof launched his own party T LAB, they were still organizing illegal & underground party’s. They found their selves so attuned to each other, cause they go on adventure when they rocking on stage.



Southern Depot

Southern Depot has never lost his love for drums, but a new passion for quite the opposite in the musical spectrum surfaced some years back: ambient music from light to dark. Blend in some electronic beats ‘n bleepz and this is basically the recipe for the acoustic dishes he cooks up.

Teaming up with his skittish alter-ego Harry Spilton, the trip will acquire some boost with electro, bass and techno fuel with stopovers in Berlin, London and Detroit.”