Those familiar with the more edgy side of Amsterdam nightlife might have grew quite custom with the name DJ+. With an extraordinary sense for receiving new frequencies and a taste for experiment, he fought his way over the years into the Dutch nightlife. A sonic marksman with a history in gigs that is as wide as his musical taste.


It doesn’t matter if it were the infamous Lockdown parties, or national acclaimed parties like Lowlands, Pitch, Trouw or STRP Festivals, or crossing border at Outlook Festival and Sziget, everybody with an appetite for cutting edge electronica should know his name.

And those performances are hard to capture in one word, so just name a few: uplifting, experimental, grimy, bass driven, extraordinary, well timed and last but foremost not least; hard-hitting.

Starting out with IDM and other experimental electronic music over a decade ago, DJ+ is picking up genres with only one intention: to break & crack them, to split them in half and design them into something new, something suitable for his taste. And luckily for us DJ+ is a person that likes to share, teach and distribute his explorations. The results of his research and blends can be heard in not one, not two but three totally different radio shows, aired by the well established broadcasters of Red Light Radio, Studio 80 Radio and Sub.Fm.






Fairly new to the scene as a dj, but not as a music nerd is Jasmín. With her debut last summer for Enschede’s own Pikzwart, she has quickly made a name for herself in only a year. The job to represent the Pikzwart-sound seems to fit her perfectly, and has met the dancefloors of not only Enschede, but also Utrecht, Deventer, and Amsterdam.


In her hometown Utrecht Jasmín hosts her own radio show on Stranded FM, El Sonido, that challanges herself and occasional guests to explore the less clubby and more experimental dark side of their music collection. She will be sharing some of her favorite experimental sounds during Gogbot.



VJ’s The C-MEN

Some veejays need expensive, high-end PCs or Macs to display a bunch of grey lines. The C-Men only need 2 Amiga computers, a 320×256 resolution in 16 colours and a couple of Red Bulls to send those graphic designer VJs home with burnt retinas.


The C-Men originally started as a duo 15 years ago in 1998 from their hometown Enschede. Having met in art school, Julian van Aalderen and Sjors Trimbach shared a mutual passion for animation on Amiga computers and soon found themselves performing live visuals.


Their first outings were for obscure noise performances and underground electro, techno, drum ‘n’ bass gigs, shortly after teaming up with micromusic to become some of the longest-active visual artists in the chiptune scene. The C-Men have brought their unique brand of  low-res, hardcore,  epileptic and brightly coloured imagery to cities like Moscow, New York, Pusan, Tokyo, Stockholm, London and their hometown of Enschede


15 years of low-res hard-core.


Ibo Ibelings, interaction design student, and Gabriëlle Gijsbers, freshly graduated interaction designer (both born in 1994), are two VJ’s and electronics enthusiasts living in Arnhem. They got to know each other while studying at ArtEZ and started working together. In their VJ work they’re using visually powerful fragments of movies, remixing them with other animations and footage within the theme of the night. In order to give these fragments a new identity and beauty and to make the videos even more visually interesting they do some live editing, distorting and glitching. All these special effects come from their love for designing with electronics and coding.

Remco Beekwilder

Fairly new to the scene, but already way ahead of his game, Remco Beekwilder is taking the world by storm. The Dutch dj/producer has been releasing EP’s steadily on imprints such as Stranger’s Self Reflektion and Binary Cells over these past three years, while also playing gigs all around Europe. With his energetic and deep sound, clearly rooted in techno, Beekwilder has already marked his own place in the scene.

His monumental LSD EP got released on Dax J’s Monnom Black label and shows his diversity and capability as a producer, with four tracks that reflect his artistry perfectly. Beekwilder’s 10th Planet EP (June 2016) on Stranger’s Self Reflektion label gained huge support from artists (Dax J, Marcel Dettmann, Luke Slater, Rebekah, and Dave Clarke) and fans alike. Basement Tools EP on the same label got support from artists like Ben Sims, Paul Mac, NX1, MTD and Viktoria amongst others. In February of this year he released the State of Return EP on Binary Cells, which was categorized by Hard wax as ‘Excellent, spaced out, metallic techno pressure’.

Next to producing Beekwilder has been playing at different places in Europe like: Paris, Berlin, London, Lyon, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Gaining more support with every show he plays.




Polo Vreedenburgh

Polo Vreedenburgh (

VJ – Live Visuals

Polo Vreedenburgh visual artist born in Delft 1981.
Combining shapes, architecture and typography up to one
abstract utopia of looping shapes in a visual mix.








From September to December Bong-Ra will be available for a 2hr full mayhem dancehall carnage hitfest GIG through Europe. GOGBOT will be one of them!
Lets go out with a bang… Amen!


Bong-Ra’s trademark ‘jungle rock’ style has been moulded over the past 6 to 7 years to become a recognizable and addictive sound. Although his compositions and tracks may vary there’s always an adrenaline rush of some sort buzzing around. Mostly recognized for his part in the ‘Yardcore’ or ‘Raggacore’ sub genre, his tracks differ significantly and crossover ranges of styles which have played a part in his musical development, be it Metal, Gabba, Jazz, Rave or Jungle…and so on. Most important is the energy and mood of each track produced.

Probably the highlight of Bong-Ra’s career is the session for the late John Peel. After having the honours of meeting the ‘Godlike Genius’ himself, Peel asked Bong-Ra to do a session which was aired on 21st of February 2002. Many tunes were played regularly and has been a huge help in getting the sound spread around.

When it comes to the performances it’s either a DJ set or an Audio/Visual set. Bong-Ra’s first ‘tour’ with DJ Scud and Soundmurderer in the UK proved to be a success. Holland’s biggest festivals (Lowlands, Eurosonic and Metropolis) we’re conquered in 2003, and A/V performances at Impakt Festival, Sonic Acts and Rotterdam Film Festival and the exposition at the Museum for Modern Arts in Arnhem show the Arty Farty side to Bong-Ra





An avid follower of the international techno and electronic scene, Bas Amro has become a walking catalogue of artists, labels and releases – all contributing to his growing sound. He grew up in a small town in eastern Holland where he also hosts one of the longest running club nights in the Netherlands; Basic Grooves. His unpretentious nature and modesty is reflective of his varying interests, and can be heard in his sets and productions. Expect to hear anything from broken beats, to dark minimal sounds, to sweet melodic tunes. With gigs in the UK, Spain, Panama, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Russia, to name but a few; his repertoire has become appropriate for just about any setting and atmosphere.

Today Bas Amro is breaking down sound barriers. His latest release, a techno remix of the trance classic, “Simulated” by Marco V, has had ravers the world over waiting in anticipation for the vinyl-only release. His discography of over 30 releases, includes gems like “Imposter Persona” and “Le Huitieme Arrondissement”. Techno beats are at the forefront of his productions, with emphasis on hypnotic loops and catchy grooves. Influenced by the sounds of Chicago and Detroit, Amro has earned the respect and support of big industry names such as Ryan Elliott, Ilario Alicante, Deetron, Laurent Garnier, Radio Slave, with the list still growing.



“Exploiting all electronic boundaries, Stefan travels the world to promote his mindbending, uplifting, sonic stories”


DJ/Producer/Promoter since 1998. Too young to enter the clubs, Stefan did so anyway. Scouting all the mainstream electronic scenes at an age of 15, Stefan absorbed all the styles he could find. At age 16 he discovered the dutch free-party scene and it was here where Stefan found the ultimate setting for his music.

It’s 1998 when Stefan started DJing/producing and a year later he teamed up with his friends to start their unique brand of free-party: ZMK Soundsystem. In 2000 Stefan was already a notorious vinyl collector and he was one of the members to start the ZMK record label, which contributed even more to ZMK’s european succes. Stefan’s tracks were featured on the first 2 EP’s, which sold out within several months. Stefan has performed at countless free-parties all over Holland and Europe, promoting the dutch unique brand of acid, hardtek and hardcore.Over the years Stefan has not forgotten his roots, and the integration of different styles (breakbeats, electro, techno, rave) became more and more evident. While his style really started to develop, his number of solo-bookings at clubs and parties exploded, including most mayor venues in Holland and touring through Europe regulary. With over 15 years of experience, he is considered to be the most booked dutch DJ of the free-party movement.

But his development does not stop there. With the rise of Ableton Live and Traktor Scratch, Stefan has found the tools to incorporate all that is good in electronic music into his mindbendig sets. Mixing obscure elements, custom remixes with the freshest beats available, digital and analog. What was considered to be impossible, now sits waiting at his fingertips! Are you ready?




Achim Zepezauer interweaves samples from old records and prepared cassettes to fluent soundpieces by sending the signals through his electric pedalboard. he pursues the goal to ignore expectations and therefor improvises in the best sense without the borders of genres in mind. every concert is a search for sound between tonal and atonal soundscapes, rhythms, scraps of words, abstract and concrete sounds.

by invitation zepezauer follows the concept of remixing concerts of other artists. he records their live-sets played before him and uses the captured material strictly as a sound source for subsequently generating a completely new concert from it.

on other occasions zepezauer sets films to music. choosing either his own more experimental short films or older silent movies and adds to film and music another.

Achim Zepezauer started to buy vinyl when he was eight years old. At age 19 he studied fine arts in the Netherlands and made a decision to primarily channel this multidisciplinary sensibility into his work as a musician, improvisor and songwriter after choosing to leave the academy. Now based in Dortmund, Germany, some of his achievements have been: awarded the jazzwerkruhr prize in 2006 for his DVD „Kuhzunft“, featuring his films and music videos // changing of his name from Kämper to Zepezauer // establishment of the first free form college radio show in the ruhr area (2005 to present) // long-time member of the innovative large band / improv collective „The Dorf“ // curation of the experimental concert series „mex“ at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund // completely DIY production of his CD „Choose Your Favorite Nothing“ featuring original artwork in handmade limited edition // currently also his DIY release „Zentrifuge“ with solo songs and electronics with handmade unique cardboard sleeves // as well as his mindbreaking „Cardtalk“ – project featuring an ancient cardboard phonograph with recycled CD that has sound carved onto its surface // releasing vinyl, cassettes and CDs in many settings like Knu! / Das Behälter / Hampelstern-Terzett / Elsewhere…