Reverse Landfill noisy sinty bouwen met Martijn Verhallen

Saxion ACT spaceship projectie animatie inloop workshop

Fablab  space-junk-game bouwen en spelen, met 100%FAT

TKKRLAB instant hacken en bouwen , met soft en hardware

Spelen met de installaties van Creative Technology Universiteit Twente

Saxion CMGT

Saxion CMGT (Creative Media & Game Technologies)

VR Experience + Workshop


They Are – an interactive story in Virtual Reality
They Are was made by 14 Saxion CMGT students: Chris leenheer, Andre Lamers, Laura Bierman, Menno Noordanus, Tom Hodes, Vytautas Rickevicius, Swen van Laanen, Sanne Pulles, Marijn Kuiper, Mirre Rensen, Dieter Poell, Kacper Sikora, Kay Nijhuis and Niels Leenders.

The installation shows a preview of one of the chapters in a story about trust and ties in the far away future: “Time was most precious. Michael and his team embarked on their final mission. They needed to gather all information possible before all of the Teacher’s energy would be lost – knowing they might have to pay for this quest with their lives. Their lessons learned could prevent mankind from dying slowly, lessons the Teachers learned too late.”


Alien Animation Area – 10 minute animation workshop

Create a moving alien with our Alien Animator Machine! Start by cutting out all parts of your alien the ‘old school way’ (scissors & magazines!). Our Alien Animator stop-motion software will bring your creature to life and project its image in the Gogbot.

Martijn Verhallen

Workshops by Martijn Verhallen.


Workshop info:

The workshops are beginner friendly and take place every day during the festival.
There are 2 available kits: the Creep Cluster and the Noise!
You can subscribe at: — or come by during the festival.
The workshop costs are 30,- euro .
It takes about 2 – 4 hour to build the synthesizer, depending on your experience level.
After the synths are finished, we will do a short rehearsal and give a performance on stage.


Creep Cluster


This is a drone synthesizer.
Dual triangle oscillators are hard-switched by a fast squarewave.
Then the signal goes into a lowpass filter.
Sounds vary from deep rumbling drones to phasing screaming lead sounds.








This noisesynth has 4 squarewave oscillators that modulate each other,
go through a clock divider and a pseudo ringmodulator and are mixed together to create harsh noise and random control voltage.
There are extensive patchbays and cool modding functions that expand the soundrange!




Martijn Verhallen

Martijn Verhallen makes sound and video machines, organises festivals and gives workshops in the field of sound, games and interaction.
He likes to bring people together to be creative and learn from each other.
Performance names:
Audio: FetidEye / Reverselandfill / Vogel en Stofzuiger / Mortalian / Psycholab
Video: RGB Fraktion / De Oplichters

fablab saxion


FABLAB Enschede and 100% FAT at GOGBOT 2017 – ENG

FABLAB Enschede and our creative partner 100% FAT give the ‘Intergalactic’ theme an unique meaning, based on the sub-theme ‘Space Junk’.

Re-building Space Junk

Space Junk is a collective term for human-caused debris orbiting through space, from broken satellites and other human-made objects. Through our Flabbo’s (see picture).

Interactive space adventures

We challenge you to take part in our interactive space adventure! Play our interactive Space Game on our projection table and destroy your enemies, conquer planets and expand your spaceship using floating Flabbo’s! On our interactive roll-up banner you can separate your Flabbo’s and in front of our green screen you can take your picture in space!

Where you can find us…

During GOGBOT we are located in the Menistenkerk at the Oude Markt in Enschede, along with 100% FAT. Don’t miss the adventure and visit us!

Thursday September 7: 20:00 – 00:00
Friday September 8: 12:00 – 00:00
Saturday September 9: 12:00 – 00:00
Sunday September 10: 12:00 – 18:00



FABLAB Enschede en 100% FAT op GOGBOT 2017 – NL

FABLAB Enschede en het creatieve bedrijf 100% FAT geven samen een eigen invulling aan het thema ‘Intergalactic’, met als gekozen sub-thema ‘Space Junk’.

Van ‘junk’ naar constructie

Ruimterommel, of ‘space junk’, is een verzamelnaam voor restanten van kapotte satellieten die door de ruimte zweven. Door middel van onze houten Flabbo’s (zie foto) willen wij ‘space junk’ een nieuwe betekenis geven.

Spannende ruimte-avonturen

Deze toepassing geven wij vorm met een interactief ruimte-avontuur! Door middel van een projectietafel dagen wij jou uit om deel te nemen aan onze space-game: vernietig je vijand, verover planeten en breid jouw ruimteschip uit met rondvliegende flabbo’s! Daarnaast kun je de verzamelde space junk scheiden op onze interactieve roll-up banner of jezelf fotograferen in de ruimte voor een green screen!

Waar je ons kunt vinden…

Tijdens GOGBOT staan wij in de Menistenkerk op de Oude Markt in Enschede, samen met 100% FAT. Mis ons niet, en bezoek ons op een van de onderstaande momenten:

Donderdag 7 september: 20:00 tot 00:00
Vrijdag 8 september: 12:00 tot 00:00
Zaterdag 9 september: 12:00 tot 00:00
Zondag 10 september: 12:00 tot 18:00




Musical Intermezzo’s By Our Mysterious Couple RoBo-Yo


Videography Photography Aerials




As a 23 year old, Tom still considers himself standing at the beginning of life as a videographer. However, this does not reflect in his work, by staying up-to-date in today’s trends and techniques he manages to deliver videos that not only look professional but also tell the right story.



After his multimedia education Dusty started doing a lot of freelance video work for company’s like Vice. That is where he learned to work under strict deadlines and pressure from big clients like Jack Daniels and Tommy Hilfiger.


SPACEBAR is a ‘Gesammtkunstwerk’ as a mobile platform with interactive art, robotics, design, webart, gaming, performance art and live music.
A selection of leading artists, designers, DJs and Vjs from Overijssel, together develop a mobile installation with audiovisual performances for festivals and events. Visitors can experience how art from the future can be polite now, and how enterprising artists contribute to entertainment and the creative industry.


At the invitation of GOGBOT festival, themed INTERGALACTIC 2017, a monumental production will be developed in the summer of 2017. The premiere will take place from september 7-10 at the Oude Markt in Enschede.


Jelle de Graaf

Freerk Wieringa

ViaOral art collective

Julian en Edwin van Aalderen


Creative director:
Kees de Groot


A makerspace is a pshysical meeting place to build art- hard- and software projects, keep lectures and workshops and have social gatheringins.
There are many of these kind of places around the world and a few in The Netherlands and now also in Twente.

To build art- hard- and software projects, keep lectures and workshops and have social gatheringins.


Underbelly bookshop

Like last year, Underbelly will be present with a pop-up shop full of books, magazines, tapes and records. Expect good books about science fiction, space explorations, robots/ artificial intelligence, cyber art and media theory. Plus a nice selection of records and tapes with electronic music, noise, soundscapes… including Raster Noton releases. All this on the Oude Markt, hosted by Christiaan Wikkerink!



Empress Stah

Empress Stah is an internationally renowned Aerial Artist, Cabaret Theatre Performer, Show Producer and Director, famed for her highly stylised, often provocative, utterly unique performances. Stah has sold out shows at the Soho Theatre, been commissioned by the London Wonderground, collaborated with electro clash super star Peaches, and headlined the season of Ibiza Rocks House at Pacha.

‘Cult Status’ – The Stage