Element Zero

Group: Glasses of the Galaxy

Project name: Element Zero (ε 0)

Team members:

Renske Blaas, Michael Bui, Irma Harms, Ika Hunt, Kevin Indrawijaya, Maaike Keurhorst, Gijs van Rhijn, Nora Tunc

Element zero – starting from zero, the choice is yours. This installation provides the user an entirely new-found planet, which can be altered as pleased by a given control panel, as it is visible in the picture. Since the sliders and buttons not only change vegetation and population, but sound also causes weather differences, it conveys a feeling of power to the user – full power to change an entire planet and having enough control over it, making the user feel God-like. Day and night time can be changed, just like easily eradicating and annihilating the population, which shows the entirety of power a single individual can have.

This also connects to the message behind this installation, showing the influence a single individual can have on our Earth, as well. Element zero gives the user the choice to create a balanced ecosystem, or to destroy the planet, just as they please. And this mindset will be carried over to the real-life example. Our planet, Earth.


Martijn Poot, Janneke Kroes, Max Pijnappel, Evert Guliker, Jesper Provoost, Rens van der Werff, Koen Vogel, Kevin Smid

Bus Lightyear is an interactive installation which engages the user in a virtual reality journey through space. The physical environment we created integrates seamlessly with our virtual world to offer the user an unmatched sense of immersion, through simple interaction the user is able to control the journey and choose its destination.


Group 7 (Faster than Light)

Chantal Vriens, Emiel Steegh, Peter van der Burgt, Geanne Woertink, Niels van Dalen, Harald Eversmann,  Jan Water & Jonne Schoneveld.


Black out is an installation that draws attention to the finity of light and light sources. The users have to balance the light levels on their planets (visualised by an inifinity mirror) by taking light from stars (displayed as a projection), they see the consequences of what they do.



Push your mind and probe past the limits of your confined universe. Explore infinity, and envision higher dimensions through this visual installation with lasers inside a reflective cube.


Kells Hsiao, Nils Rublein, Andre Slowak, Jannis Brand, Paulius Barakauskas, Yoann Latzer, Jeroen Ritmeester, Thomas Sierink



The Glitch_

Group: Observe

Group Members: Fredrika Astrom, Alan Deuvletian, Wojciech Jarosinski, John Kim, Kevin van de Wetering, Simona Vasiljeva, Boris Yordanov
The Glitch_ is an interactive art installation that uses the power of projection mapping to animate a low polygon sphere, making it come to life in front of the visitors’ eyes. The installation plays off of the theme: What if the universe is a simulation? What if something went wrong? Through the use of audiovisual effects, it depicts the simulation (our reality as we know it) and how the press of a key can lead to it crashing down.